Here's to Now

by Devin Levi

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"Here's to Now"

All tracks written, produced, and performed by Devin Levi
using Logic Pro 9
at In the Fort Studio in Austin, TX
During 2011-2012

Additional Vocals/Melodies/Lyrics by Falcon on "Death's Dialogue" and "the World"

Guitar by Adam Z. Moroz on "No Dough"

Additional Vocals/Lyrics/Melodies by Indigo Rael on "Finally I Felt the Trust"

Additional Percussion by Jason Sedillos on "the Dim Orange Light"

ALBUM ARTWORK by ALISTER DIPPNER--- Check out his stuff at: ""


released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Devin Levi Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: 1. Death's Dialogue
Every day
Every single day
You pass me
You avert your eyes from shining
My way

What I heard
Is that you grasp no matter what
If I got sensitive skin
Or a wife a job and kids

It doesn't matter
Cause it's up to a riddle that we hesitate.
Bottom, top, and middle.
Fiddlin with fatal fate.
Approach a little gentle, when handlin
A great estate.
The sea and the sky and the stars are insane!
Bewildering my brain!

"Take my hand
Don't be afraid
Be a man
You're gonna take it anyway...
Why prolong what we have?
Don't make Lady Death mad"

In a dream
I imagine you in black
With a skeletal grin and a shake you let me in
And I gasped

Mirror white
And red like winter wine
Intertwine amidst
Vast emptiness

When I awoke this was all I could recall:

Holy shit! How the fuck do we exist?!
Track Name: 2. Neva Gonna Go Down
The vain indecency I see in me Is viral
Tylenol addicts and bookworms agree
So burn through your manuscripts
Your in flight reading
Your soda can lost its grip
Your seat up right please

Neva gonna go down

Please, please, please breath on me
Little air vent, your a friend to me
So burn your burnt out lips
I'm among the weak
When im all alone and tweakin
Track Name: 3. No Dough
Sometimes for me, love is like money
When I got a lot, I’m on the top
I can’t be stopped; but I spend way too much
Throw it all to waste and leave non to save
When I’m down—No doe to throw around.
I feel a little useless. I know I act fine,
But I just make excuses with smooches.
Gotta get paid they say
And you can only pray that its from your trade
Be in the right place at the right time,
And then you’ll find,
That in the right place at the right time,
You’ll be fine.
Money is for the birds,
But I’m running with the herd
And every time I see your face
it’s neither time or place
I can taste you on my breath
The scent of death—I jest.
Ill take the test of faith
Erase my name
I’ll know my currency is running low when currently I’m head to toe.

A rope is pullin me along
I’m long gone. I’m long gone.

It’s wrapped around my arm,
it’s doin me harm without a harness,
Shovelin dough into a furnace
Learn it kid, Ya got it all wrong.
The money’s here when love is gone.
Track Name: 4. Midnight City
Tick Tock Tick Tock
More often that not,
the comfort of my bed supersedes my concern of doing something with my life. And in truth, who’s to say that’s a bad thing? Basking in the soft Egyptian thread count of luxury before the roller coaster of life de-rails into the inevitable plummet of death, Yes. Deftly I inhabit my fortress of pillows and blankets while outside my two hundred square feet, plans are made—executed. Goals are set- achieved. Doors are opened—walked though. See I prefer the closed window, enough observation without letting the outside temperature affect my balanced 68-degree room.
Track Name: 5. All My Blood
All my love
Is in my touch
A gentle brush
Of above

So hold me
Please, Please, Please
Hold me
All my blood
Is in my blush
I’m embarrassed enough

So hold me
Please, Please, Please
Hold me
And afterwards,
Don’t speak words.
Track Name: 6. Your Love
Your love aint big enough
So grow it in the sun
Grow it in the rain
Grow it like your glowing
Like how I’m showing you my soul
Track Name: 7. Sober Glows
Here's to now!
And hear me howlin
There and then are just pretend
They’re in your mind
And So is time
Your decorating forest fires
Clinging to the climb
There’s roses written on your iris;
Singin out
"I know where you are

It glowed sober.

She threw down her hands and first time in months,
Put the bottle down. It was at that moment that an angel of some kind flew down and sang:

"She had a rose
On her shoulder
Vibrant red
She said it glowed sober
Each pedal was
A little symbol
Of her love
She said its simple
She’s up in heaven
She’s up in heaven"

At the sound of her own reflection, she fell down and wept. Her soul becoming at ease with her mind, Finally accepting the chaos her creator had given. She could do nothing but ponder from then on out. Wonder—wander. And speak the following words to find solace;

I know how you feel inside.
Track Name: 8. Finally I Felt the Trust
Baby you gave me a raging headache
Baby you gave me the option of mistake
Occasionally patient
Sensationally blatant
Hey ya got an agent? I could write a page in
For ya

But I love you
I know I do
I don’t know you
But then what’s new?

Hinges dwindling
Now we’re in the swing
Three trips to the fridge
and one to the sink

But it don’t matter, no
If ya fucked up this time
There’s two sides to the door
And ya cant see which is right
Ya see it’s you, it’s me,
It’s everything!
it’s all at once, it’s all of us

And finally I felt the trust.

Ooo.. Do you feel like a Woo Woo?
I know I do.

I don’t want you to go without knowing
I do.
I do Woo you.
Track Name: 9. Walking on my Way to Work
There’s a dead oak that is crawlin.
Its cascading across the sky
Through the grey-white
A beautiful arrangement
Of a girl and guy
Just layin on the pavement
Asking questions like “what?” and “why?”
Dreamin up being famous
Track Name: 10. the Dim Orange Light
In the dim orange light
She was biding time
Biting her fingernails
She painted pictures
With her fingers in the frost
And watched the steam of her drink
Linger in the dim orange light
Just watch the steam gleam

He walked in
With the world on his shoulders
Draggin in mud,
Tryin to put out his smoldering heart
With drink

He missed her on the way in
He needs to pour his pain in
Threw some cash and grabbed a pale
Leaned up against the handrail
Beside the backdoor
And he stared at the floor
Always searching for something more
Than footprints

He'd lost everything he'd had to loose
And she had lost some battles too,
They'd waited for this day to come
Always alert to find the one
A glass shatters,
And he see's her first
Finally looking in the right place
At the right time

And when she met his stare
They both fell aware
That there was something in that
Misty orange air

But he knew he shouldn't gaze
Cause thats just not how he was raised
Yet he couldn't look away
And he knew she felt the same

He didn't speak
She didn't care

The fleeting connection of intimate affection
It was there
Track Name: 11. the World
The world. The world. The world. The world.
You are all I am.
His eyes
Longing softly
Through the window
I get a little drunk when I know
That the rain falls with a silence
I feel the whole world pulsing
And it shows

Way up
In the deep blue
There’s a me and there’s a you

Making different choices
Hearing different noises