Elegant Like Wax

by Devin Levi

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It was all recorded in my room using Logic Pro, then sent to Tiger Darrow in New York where additional recordings/mixing took place.
Finished off with mastering by Jay Bicknell in Los Angeles.

Download of the album comes with a PDF of the lyrics and a full (wider) version of the Album Cover


released April 8, 2013

All songs Written & Produced by Devin Levi at In the Fort Studios & La Casa Studios in Austin TX in 2012/2013

Additional Vox/Instruments by Tiger Darrow (tracks 2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) at MadCatter Studios in New York in 2012/2013

Sarah Segner plays Violin on "Diamonds"
Laura Andrade plays Cello on "Blood Red Sheets & Oh'n"
Z Lynch plays Bass on "Oh'n"

Mixed by Tiger Darrow at MadCatter Studios in New York in 2013

Mastered by Jay Bicknell at Bekenhill Studio in Los Angeles in 2013

Album Artwork by Alister Dippner. You can check out his stuff and purchase prints at: themachinistfactory.com



all rights reserved


Devin Levi Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Intro / Bianca
I don't know why I do
I don't why I don't
I don't know anything
but feeling low or high
It's how I get by
Track Name: Elegant Like Wax
she drinks and drives
while she shaves her legs dry
she drowns herself in honey
and laughs attractive to the flies

and once a man of many ties
fell like leaves into her chlorine eyes
he asked her to refrain from the insane
to which she steadily proclaimed:

I cant I cant
I wont I wont
don't test me
expect me

I am I am
Again Again
just melting
Elegant like Wax

the only bars she knows are dive
or swallowed in her tummy
yeah shell get with her kitchen knife
just because she thinks she's funny

She laughs out loud to her self at night
"How in the hell am I not I?
I'm in control of my own mind!"

I can I can
I will I will
dont test me
expect me

I am I am
Again Again
just melting
Elegant like Wax
Track Name: This Is My Voice
This is my voice
it's different than yours
maybe it's noise
maybe it's music
you choose it. 

these are my words
have you related? Or do you hate it?

I've learned lessons
still got questions
hey who are you?
hey who am I?
and what do we do while we're alive?
Track Name: Creosote
I awoke by the creosote,
a watery drumroll on a wet window
you said you wanna sleep some more,
and I want a little more warmth
so we'll stay in-doors
now roll over

we spoke through a microscope
tryin not to gloat on what we know.
I sneezed, you question the breeze
yeah this profound speech
helps me believe
that there's meaning
in still breathing

Educate my ebbing mind
with spirit, even wine
I insist on bein transfixed
won't you assist?

I am vexed by every vice
yet still, ill try them twice
Ill invest in the best of me,
If I get it at a deadly price

I fell in love on the bathroom floor
then I drew your face on the shower door
you said you wouldn't criticize,
but there are no straight lines
so your smile rises
half awake
laugh away
hesitate my way
Track Name: I'd Rather Smoke Than Breathe
leaned back on a brick wall
you were short and I was tall

we were backlit by translucent moons
while a fingernail became a flesh wound

You said you'd rather smoke than breathe. There's half a pack left, don't leave.
I feel you now skin deep! You said,

"I'd rather smoke than breathe!!"
"There's a half pack left don't leave."
"Who am I ??!?!"
"Go to sleep."
"Never wake me up."
"Oh please."
"Close your eyes"
I feel you now skin deep...
but i'd rather smoke than breathe"
Track Name: Blood Red Sheets
who are you?

these blood red sheets
are soft and sweet
even for a dead mans cheeks
they're such a treat
these blood red sheets

they once were white
they once were wild
they once were jumped on by a child
the memories
of blood red sheets

and hey, woah!
the ruby ride is a color riot!
the way up
is down a slide
its enlightenin!

I suppose
I've lived my life and
its just my time….man
It's very frightenin`
I'm seein` lightning

(my love remains vicarious
chest not strong enough to carry it
muscle memories throbbing up
enough to simply burry it)
Track Name: Soul Shoes
your soul shows through your shoe soles
when you dance like that
my eyes flee to the crime scene
when you kill like that

our pulse pulls on our soul
like the strings in a puppet show
ordinary night
shine some light

"you taunt me through your heart beat
so i'll dance like that
your so weak when your so keen
so ill kill like that"

our pulse pulls on our soul
like the strings in a puppet show
ordinary night
shine some light

gimmie gimmie that…
gimmie gimmie that!
just want that easy love!
but I guess thats why they thought of drugs right?
Isn't that why we take them?

its just a pillow fight
don't chose sides

and this may seem a bit out of place
but your face is radiating
and just in case it glances my way
i've got my shield up and waiting
and its a strange way to think
but a way
its different then what we're making
i hate when my breath indicates my veins
i never stop them from shaking
Track Name: Oh'n
ill give ya a dollar
if ya kiss my collar
but I wouldn't tell your father
no, he don't need to know

you're slippin' in to your summer robe
and I'm gently pullin on your earlobe

if its a ghost town
then lets get down
its the only way i know

when we're Oh'n
in the mornin
its the only time i know
and i like to start off slow

yeah were king and queen
were a gentle stream
and were trying our hardest not to just scream

there is evidence in your eyelids
I remain stained far beneath your iris

you are backlit--
and immaculate
on a perfect pinnacle

and ill ask it...
but i'm baskin`
and ya know I act impulsively

yeah im spinnin
vertigo is winnin`
kinda like an undertow
Track Name: Stunna
I'm playin` solitaire
she's chosin` what to wear
I'm in commercials
so she knows the cash flows on me

locked your keys in the car
we laughed all the way through the backyard
we'll sneak through the window
that we know is always open

but I ain't always gonna be wealthy
no one to help me if I'm alone
I say its gotta go
gotta go say it's I

You a Stunna
Track Name: Diamonds
I've been with a girl who loves diamonds
inside her kingdom, where she twirls and plays violin

she woudln't kiss you unless you had a tissue
she'll be damned to smear her lipstick on a man
if thats an issue, she'll probably just dismiss you
yeah you do as she demands...  

"One Hundred Eighty Karat Platinum Diamond Ring
And a story to sing"

her father left to only her a ruby ring
(she doesn't care much for sentimental value does she?)
much to the dismay of her siblings
(she only wears a ring of crystal clear answers)

and she'd leave it behind
but the diamonds are her kind now.
she'd never climb out of a cave that she carved out.
its her art now.
its her heart, its her soul
its her goal
its her role
Track Name: If We Ever Start Again
If we ever start again
With a penny, with a pen
We could write a new fortune
In a weekend

Who cares to accuse?
We've got no proof
I dare you and you
tell the truth