Atlantis & the Diamond Planet

by Devin Levi

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This is the story of Atlantis, the lost daughter of The Royal Diamond family.

I, Devin Levi, was contacted by an alien race from the future called the Royal Diamond family to write this for them. They promised me, and the people who helped create the album, treasures beyond our comprehension.

So naturally, I promptly went about writing and recorded it in my bedroom. I then enlisted the help of the extremely talented Robert J Mills, who with his very special brand of "Robo Mojo," I knew would be able to help please these Royal aliens and make the album worthy of their madness.

After 4 months of work, we finished the album. We pressed it onto one singular Space Goo, (which is like Vinyl from 500 years from now).

Unfortunately, once we handed the album off to The Royal Diamond family, they took it and fled the planet, leaving us with nothing.

-- but --

We managed to secure a digital copy. We've uploaded it for all to hear, and we deeply hope it finds you inspired.

The gratitude we feel when you listen is the REAL treasure beyond our comprehension, and our thanks know no end.


released February 16, 2015

Devin Levi Presents
Atlantis & The Diamond Planet

A Robo Mojo Production


Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Instrumentation - Devin Levi

Mixing, Mastering, Additional Instrumentation and Arrangements - Robert J. Mills


Album Artwork by Jason Sedillos



all rights reserved


Devin Levi Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Nebula Nectar
atari, the star we created!
can we go?

not yet my little space cadet
patience is king
and while wait, don't you ever forget
to remember everything

never run from milk and honey
drink nebula nectar
and don't worry if you never get the money
enlightenments free
its just hard to achieve

we made escape onto the diamond planet
i can't understand it
so beautiful!
but i bite my cuticles
cause I can't stay
Never run from milk and honey
drink nebula nectar
and don't worry if you never get the money
enlightenments free
its just hard to achieve
Track Name: Atlantis
Welcome to the now, Atlantis
Just off the shore of the Diamond Planet
Were glad you come-- We're glad you've* come
We hope you're here to stay
Don't worry,
We've got vacancy for days


Last time I saw Atlantis
So small inside
Now she got gigantic
Look at her run, look at her grow
All that I've done, will she ever know?


Speak easy if you do
Speak easy, whole night through
Speak easy, Say smile!
Speak easy, stay a while
Track Name: Atmosfear
When I was just a little kid I used to think I could fly
And I guess I still do, It's just the longer that you sit with these kinda desires-- your head will balloon. And nobody, nobody knows the truth. But everybody's talking about it. Nobody, nobody! Knows the truth, but every body talks all about it. Sound stops at the edge of a round rock. At most, the atmosphere is fear. Why stop the wave? What gives, grows, saves. Full weight on a tip toe, gravity upp'd his dukes and disco'd, and when a million little sparklets went crescendo, nobody knew the truth-- but everybody talked all about it.
Track Name: Pink Paisley Parade / Overwhelming One
I'm overwhelmed by the evil
Im overwhelmed by the beauty
I'm overwhelmed by the fact that I'm overwhelmed
by the people
if they only knew me
if I only knew myself
and while I search for ten truths
in a vast archive of my epiphanies
fear sets it
only been one
only ever been one
Track Name: Socrates the Street Thief
it's nice to see ya settling down.
it seems that you've been found

but I'm still lost

May I see in your soul now?
WOAH! Sorry...
Gotta be slowin my roll down
It's just...
you look a lot like right now
cause ya see me....
and i see you too...

you are dazzled
its written in your chest
this planet takes you in the more comfortable you get
and if ya can't stop thinking about how you might be sinking
well i recommend you breathe!

it's not that easy to believe that I found you this easy
it must be some kinda cosmic energy....
and i see you too....

cause ya see me
and I see you too

it's nice to see ya settling down.
it seems that you've been found
Track Name: Atari's Lament part 2: Wave Hi
from the bottom of the cosmos
illuminated creatures crawl
they're painting pictures in the sand of us all
wave hi!
Track Name: Golden Tokens
even though we've barely spoken
I was thinking we could share those golden tokens...
and even if your hearts been broken
i'd afford to reupholster it in roses
and i know the thorns may prick ya
but I promise its an honest hearted notion!
and as far as magic potions...
well i may have been a skeptic
but I'm learning some eclectic new slogans!
abracadabra baby, shalakazam
hope that you're casting that spell on me too...

those golden tokens
there and then
Track Name: We Were Never Here
we were never here
i took a look with a fine, fine eye
no infinity
in sight
two sections
sanctioned equally
keep rising up my spine
we were never here
and I know you'll frighten
you can't relax
and that's all right
you don't gotta save the world tonight
close your eyes and breathe
i just don't know
the star we created
i couldn't find it
but i found you
fear love
we were never here